We worked with Rodney on two projects at our house and he is excellent to work with. Rodney paid close attention to what we wanted to accomplish, and he made many knowledgeable suggestions about how best to do it. Rodney is cost-conscious, and we often did not pick the least expensive option that he presented. But we were always confident that all options he offered were good quality materials and would be installed to last. Rodney had strong relationships with all his subcontractors, was hands-on the whole time, and kept things moving along smoothly. Working with Rodney, I felt like he was always thinking about how he would want the job to be done right if it were his own house, and at the same time he was careful to listen to us and make sure we were getting what we wanted.

Mark S.

Rodney is a great communicator and our concerns were addressed immediately. He will do everything he can for the customer’s satisfaction. He is a trustworthy man who keeps his word. We would highly recommend Beck Renovate and Remodel.

Larry P.

We are so glad we decided to work with Rodney for one of our home projects! His professionalism and kindness the day he came to give us the estimate were one of the many traits he has that had an impact in our decision. The very detailed estimate he provided gave us the peace of mind we needed to make the final decision to complete the project we had in mind.

Our busy schedules were not an issue, we felt completely comfortable giving Rodney a key of our house so he could complete the job while we were at work. Not a single piece of dust was found after he tore down one of our walls! The job was completed smoothly and with no inconvenient to us at all.

We would recommend Rodney any time. He is great to work with.

Mariace & Jason D.

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