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Home Additions, Room Additions, Garage Additions – Can you tell where the addition is?

At Beck Renovate and Remodel, we specialize in matching the new addition to your existing home in such a way that you can’t tell it is new construction.

Create the Space You Want with Pittsburgh Home Additions

We have grown up in Pittsburgh and we know Pittsburgh homes. We know that you may have growing family needs, but you also have great Pittsburgh neighbors, and you may not want to move. If you need more living space, have you thought of building a home addition instead?

With a home addition built by Beck Renovate & Remodel, you can create:

  • A specialized place for entertainment or hobbies
  • A home office
  • A private bedroom for one of your children
  • Expand your overall living space

Create what you really want, right where you are. Together we can create your dream home on the inside, with an addition that is seamless from the outside.

Save Yourself the Stress of Moving with a Home Addition

Often, you will save money by designing and building a home addition rather than incurring the cost and stress of buying and moving into another home. Renovations will save you the hassle of listing, staging, showing, and selling your existing home, and may also increase its value when you do decide to sell.

Get Started on Your Home Addition Today!

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We are looking forward to working with you to make your dream home come true.

Remodeling and Renovations

Remodel And Renovate Pittsburgh

Gorgeous Home Remodeling and Renovations in Pittsburgh – Beck Renovate and Remodel has more than 25 years of experience as a home renovation and remodeling contractor in the Pittsburgh area and will transform your existing home into the home of your dreams!

Make Use of Wasted Space in Your Pittsburgh Home

Pittsburgh houses have a wealth of interesting space that often goes to waste – including basements and attics, unused bare-bones garages, and more. They are wasted space because they are not fit to live in. Wouldn’t you like to get more living space out of your home? Yes! We can help you find it and transform it into your new favorite room of the whole house.

By making this space livable, you can create space for :

  • Your growing family/extended family
  • A home office
  • A workshop/craft room/hobby room
  • A playroom
  • A spare bedroom
  • An additional living room or den

When you utilize your unused space with our remodeling and renovation services, the possibilities are endless!

Not Sure Where to Start? Beck Renovate & Remodel Can Help!

In our experience, one of the biggest challenges of a home renovation project is to know what can even be done. To ensure your needs are met, we will work with your architect’s plans to help you envision how our work will fit into your home’s current design and to ensure your receive the cohesive results you desire.

Questions? Please contact Beck Renovate & Remodel today at (412) 389-5093 to discuss how to discover and transform the wasted space in your home into the room of your dreams, or request a Free Estimate. Thank you!

We are looking forward to working with you and making your home dreams come true.

Outdoor Living

Create a Pittsburgh backyard oasis with an Outdoor Kitchen and Living Area.

An outdoor living space gives you a special place to prepare meals in your outdoor kitchen, enjoy them in an alfresco setting, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful Pittsburgh weather with family and friends.

Spend More Time Outdoors with a Dream Outdoor Space

Pittsburgh offers the beauty of all four seasons for homeowners to enjoy. With our Outdoor Living remodeling services, we can help you create a space where you can entertain, relax with family, and enjoy the beauty of your backyard.

With an outdoor living space you can create :

  • A dream kitchen for outdoor dining and entertaining from spring through fall.
  • A place to enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace on your patio.
  • A place to keep all the toys when they are not being used.
  • An area to relax after a long day of work or to enjoy time with family.
  • And so much more!

Start Planning Your Outdoor Living Area Today!

When planning an outdoor living area, the process is very similar to planning an extra room addition. Every little detail must be mapped out, drawn to scale, and included in the plans. Taking your time in the planning and design stage will save many hours and much headache down the road. Rodney Beck has been helping clients to enjoy living in the outdoors of their homes for over 25 years and can make your outdoor living dreams a beautiful reality.

Questions? Please contact Beck Renovate and Remodel today at (412) 389-5093, to discuss your outdoor living space, or request a Free Estimate. Thank you!

We are looking forward to working with you to make your outdoor living dreams come true.